Reiki Treatment

Reiki Treatment

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USUI SHIKI RYOHO - “Relax and Recharge with Reiki.”

This wonderful calming, nurturing and healing therapy is offered at Sensu by Japanese Reiki II level and Reiki Masters as a stand alone treatment or as part of one of our healing packages such as the 2.5 hour Healing Hands Package.  A perfect way to take some time out from our hectic lifestyles to recharge and relax. 

During a Reiki treatment the therapist will direct Ki as a gentle flow from head to toe along the front and back of the body, by placing and holding their hands on specific positions for several minutes at a time. Each session builds on the progress of the last and has an accumulative effect. To alleviate acute symptoms and for ongoing or long term conditions, a series of treatments in close succession is generally advised.


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This non invasive technique complements any current medical, nutritional or holistic therapy being utilised. 

The human body is always seeking its own natural state of balance, harmony, vigour and vitality. Thus as the energetic systems of the body are healed – physical discomfort, emotional tension and mental distress are relieved, greatly improving quantity and quality of life.