Japanese Shiatsu

Japanese Shiatsu

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With a focus on quality and taking care of client's individual needs, our highly trainined Japanese Shiatsu staff provide our signature massage at Sensu Spa. 

Japanese Shiatsu massage is a traditional Japanese therapy that works on particular body points to relieve blockages in the body's energy flow and stimulate blood flow.  Shiatsu is a hands on technique that uses finger and hand pressure to provide relief, usually without the use of massage oil.  At Sensu Spa we will provide our clients with loose clothing to wear during shiatsu and other dry massages.  

Shiatsu has beenpracticed for its health benefits for hundreds of years. Modern shiatsu at Sensu Spa can be tailored to be both a relaxation and a deep tissue treatment as well as providing therapeutic holistic health benefits. Your therapist will tailor your treatment and pressure to suit your individual requirements, performed in serenity on comfortable futons in our Tatami lined Japanese themed rooms.


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Some of the well known health benefits of Shiatsu include:

Assist with Migraines
Chronic Aches and Pains
Chronic Fatigue
Back Pain
Painful Periods
Neck and Shoulder Pain