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Please always arrive 15 min before your booking so you can get started on time, we may not have the flexibility to shift your booking. We have a 24-hour cancellation/rescheduling policy for booking for one person or two people, a 72-hour cancellation/rescheduling policy for group booking (more than three people). Cancelling/Rescheduling less than this timeframe will incur a penalty fee/full amount of the booking.  

If you’re thinking of using public transport, it’s wise to plan ahead, as there may be unforeseen delays. Similarly, if you’re contemplating driving into the CBD, please take traffic jams into consideration. (Please see our Contact page for further information about access.)

Please call us as soon as possible if you think you might be late for your booking time. If you are late, we may not have availability to offer the whole duration of your booking. If we cannot reach you for 15min from your booking time, we will consider it as a no-show. This will incur a penalty / the full cost of your booking.



There will be surcharges for Sunday bookings. Single treatments will incur a $10 surcharge/person except for Single Float or Sauna session, Packages will incur a $15 surcharge/person from 12/7/2023.   This also applies to gift vouchers and membership discounted rates for bookings made on these days. 



Please note on public holidays when our spa is open bookings will incur a 10% surcharge/person and require full payment to secure the booking. This also applies to gift vouchers and membership discounted rates for bookings made on these days.



Sensu Spa has specialist trained pre-natal therapists who can be allocated to your booking either in a single session or package. We do not perform pregnancy massage in the first trimester however. We cannot guarantee a therapist will be available if you haven’t told us you are pregnant at the time of booking which may lead to us having to shorten or modify your booking on the day. For package bookings, only the Head to Toe Package (with pregnancy massage) is considered appropriate for a pregnant woman. We will not perform any body treatments for pregnant women.


If you have made an online booking for more than two people or for multiple packages and need to reschedule, kindly reach out to our reception. Unfortunately, our current online booking system cannot update multiple bookings simultaneously. Therefore, to ensure smooth changes to your reservation, please contact our reception team, and they will be glad to assist you.



Yes! For our remedial customers can claim their rebates upfront using our HICAPS system. All you will pay is the gap as per your health plan. Please mention you would like to use your health fund at the time of booking as the correct therapist needs to be allocated to your booking. We do not have HICAPS available staff working on the weekends currently and occasionally we will need to issue a manual receipt if HICAPS is having some problem processing the transaction.


Unfortunately the answer for this is no. HICAPS is for the use of single session treatments with specialist therapists for Remedial massage. These treatments will include a health consultation and remedial advice if you have any injuries. Your Remedial therapist can also do shiatsu or deep tissue massage that they are trained in and allow you to claim your treatment if it is booked as a remedial massage, but not towards package treatments which are generally performed by other staff. Our packages are great value and have large discounts built in, please save your HICAPS rebates for single session treatments.


For any 2 or more person booking, or booking over $150 (this includes all packages) we will ask for a deposit. This can be paid after the date and time is confirmed and agreed with our reception staff. Payment of the deposit can be made via credit card over the phone, over the counter at our spa or now you can also pay directly through our website at the bottom of the contact us page. Please note we require credit card details to act as security for the booking. Bookings can be secure with a deposit payment for bookings up to 12 months in advance to secure your preferred date and time.

  • For treatment values where the total is under $200 a $50 deposit is required.
  • For treatment values where the total is $200 or more, we require a $150 deposit.

Deposits for group bookings of 3+ people need to be paid together, and you will be contact 4 days before your booking to finalise the complete payment of the treatment. Also for late bookings after 6pm (Tues-Thurs) we are only open by appointment and will take the remaining payment for your booking from your credit card on the day of the booking as our reception is closed after 6pm. You will not need to do any payment once you arrived as it will be processed already. Please note cancellations are not refundable on the day of your booking.  Please note gift vouchers can act as cash when placing deposits, just quote your voucher number at the time of securing your booking.


Once you have made your booking with us you should receive an SMS reminder a few days before your booking is due. Pease supply us with the best mobile phone number to send your reminder to. If you do not receive your SMS reminder or there is an error in the booking time or date please call us ASAP to correct the problem. If we do not hear from you after we send your SMS reminder we will assume that your booking is confirmed and final. This booking is secured for your treatment. We welcome anyone giving us a quick call or email just to check your booking is 100% correct. We strive to have procedures in place to detect errors and correct them to ensure our customers are always happy but from time to time our reception gets extremely busy and there can be some miscommunication or human mistake made. A quick phone call to check your booking can rectify this in advance of your booking.
If you have booked a large group booking (3 people or more) we will contact you 4 days before your booking for final payment and to confirm your booking. Cancellations or re-schedule are not allowed from this point. Large groups enjoy a large part of our SPA and other bookings cannot be made once you have secured your booking, hence the need for this policy so we can provide this service for large groups.


If you have booked after our reception hours (6PM Monday to Saturday, 5PM Sunday), your balance payment will be automatically deducted from your registered card on your booking day. So please make sure you have sufficient funds. If you did not use any card when you made a booking (e.g. bookings valued under $150 made by phone) our receptionist will call you on the day to finalise your payment in advance.


For large bookings that require a deposit these bookings are final on the day of the booking. Customers may cancel or reschedule a booking with 72 hours (3 days notice) with no penalty. Please note we need this amount of time to try and re-fill your spot which has been allocated to you or your group. In the last 3 days any cancellations will lead to a loss of deposit and in the final day of your booking 100% of the booking will be charged to your credit card or gift voucher if you cancel at this short notice or do not show for your appointment. We try and be as flexible as possible but need this policy to help keep our prices competitive and be fair to staff who are allocated to your booking. 


If we are unable to reach you within 15 minutes of your scheduled booking time, we will consider it as a no-show. We will open up our therapist and room availability. This will incur a penalty fee 100% of your booking cost as a penalty. Please always plan to arrive 10-15min prior to the booking time.


If you cancelled by online booking system, the system will automatically process refund for your online deposit. Typically, it takes 3-5 business days for the refund to be processed, depending on your bank. If you haven’t received the refund within this time frame, we recommend contacting your bank directly to confirm the amount of your refund. 


Booking someone for a surprise can be a wonderful idea. However, we have observed that in certain instances, some surprises were not well-received and resulted in last-minute cancellations which we will need to have a full cost of the booking. To ensure a smooth experience, we kindly request that you confirm with your guest whether they are genuinely pleased with the booking details before finalising any arrangements. This way, we can strive to create a truly enjoyable experience for everyone involved.


Yes, most of our staff are Japanese female professionals (male Japanese Shiatsu and Seitai therapists are also working with us), trained in modalities such as shiatsu and Seitai massage and Japanese Beauty treatments. Many of our Japanese background staff also combine this with Western training in remedial and deep tissue massage producing a truly unique experience when you visit Sensu Spa.


Package treatments are designed to be taken at the same time, on the same day. Therefore, our package treatments cannot be broken up into individual treatments. Individual treatments will need to be booked if you wish to have your parts of the package booked on separate days.


When you have booked for a large group (3 people or more) we require that there is only one single payment of the treatments which needs to be finalised 4 days before your booking. Our receptionist will contact you to arrange final payment at this time either over the phone or from the credit card you supplied for you deposit. At this time you can confirm any detail of your booking or make adjustments as after this time the booking is final and the SPA and your therapists will be allocated and arranged for your booking. This will also save an undue amount of time processing your group (which may also include filling out client forms) and delays in starting your treatments. Please note the booking is between Sensu Spa and the person making the booking and we are unable to follow up other people in the booking for payment or if they have not arrived for the booking. The credit card supplied to make the booking acts as security for the entire booking. We always ask you to arrive 15 minutes before your booking to get started on time as we may not be able to shift your finish times.