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Enjoy the detoxification, sleep enhancement, relaxation and muscle recovery benefits of an infrared sauna, our latest addition at Sensu Spa. Available for 20 – 50min individual sauna session as well as our recommendation before your float tank session for total bliss and relaxation.

Did you know Infrared Sauna can boost your physical and mental health? You can call Sauna Session “Passive Cardio”.  Because your heart rate will rise in a similar way to exercise and increase metabolism, the higher temperatures can lead heart rates to levels often achieved by doing moderate to intense workouts.  Researchers have found that Infrared sauna sessions will boost mood and alleviate anxiety/depression, primarily by lowering cortisol levels.

We now offer a two-person Infrared Sauna upstairs and a one-person Infrared Sauna downstairs. If you’d prefer the spacious two-person sauna for your solo session, kindly make a request in advance. To book online for two people, click “Add more person” to enjoy this package together! If you’re booking solo but want to have a 2person capacity sauna please leave a comment when you book online.

Upstairs sauna is designed for two friends or a couple, this private space offers the perfect retreat to unwind and bask in the warmth in your own unique way. You can even sync your own music playlist via Bluetooth, whether you’re in the mood for your favourite tunes or prefer to meditate. (Please be mindful with other customers in the near rooms!)

Our Infrared Sauna is an excellent tool for enhancing both physical and mental well-being. It aids in detoxifying your body, improving sleep quality, and accelerating muscle recovery. Unlike traditional saunas, this type operates at lower temperatures, ensuring a more comfortable breathing experience. For optimal results, we recommend refraining from wearing robes or clothing that covers your skin, allowing the infrared light to penetrate effectively. However, you’re welcome to bring your own swimwear if preferred. Additionally, we provide robe, towel, soap, shampoo, slippers and hairdryer. We may suggest bringing your preferred moisturiser and hair products for post-session care.

Please arrive 15min before the booking time. We require extra time for your consultation form and shower.  Please note that we may need to shorten your session if there’s a delay.

Infrared sauna is not suitable for pregnancy.

– Infrared Sauna FAQ –

Can anyone have an Infrared Sauna Session?

No. You should not have infrared sauna if you are /have pregnancy (any stage), drunk or drugged, Hypertension (high blood pressure), inability to sweat, unstable angina pectoris, recent myocardial infarction, and severe aortic stenosis. *If you are on medication, please check with your doctor first. Also please make sure to check with their doctor the case if you have pacemakers, metal pins or rods, silicon implants and other implants or if medicines are applied by skin patches. Certain medications can be affected by increased blood circulation/elevated body temperature.

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  • Click ‘Book Online’ button on this page and select your preferred service/duration from the list then click ‘Book Now’. A cart window will show up, and there is a section to ‘Add more people’. Please click and select a preferred number of people. If you’d like to book two or more people for different treatments, book separately under each person’s name and make a deposit separately. Please leave a comment to tell us you are coming together or prefer to have a same room session.


  • Feel free to reach out to us via email or phone to provide us with your gift voucher code, along with your preferred date, time, the number of individuals in your group, and the specific service you desire. This information will enable us to make all necessary arrangements for your booking. On the other hand, if you’re comfortable making a temporary deposit via online booking system, kindly leave a comment in the note area during the online booking process. This should include your voucher code. Subsequently, as soon as we confirm your online booking, we’ll initiate the deposit refund process promptly.



  • For bookings made outside of our reception hours (6 PM Monday to Saturday, 4 PM Sunday), the remaining balance payment will be conveniently charged to your card on the day of your booking. Please ensure that your card has adequate funds to cover this payment. In cases where no card was utilized during the booking process (such as bookings valued under $150 made via phone), our receptionist will contact you on the day of your reservation to facilitate the pre-payment process.


  • Please arrive 15min prior to your booking time. We will need to shorten your session duration if you are late.
  • Sensu Spa entrance is located at the back of 570 Bourke street building. You will find our entrance on the ground floor level of Little Bourke street. Alternatively, please search ‘Sensu Spa’ on Google Map.
  • We have a cancellation/rescheduling notice policy (24-hour for one or two people, and a 72-hour for groups/three or more people). Please call (if you cannot reach us, please send us email) for any changes before these timeframes to avoid a penalty/full cost of your booking.
  • If you are pregnant and under 13 weeks, we won’t be able to perform any treatments. You will forfeit your booking if informing on arrival.
  • If you have compromised immune system, blood clots, or any serious medical conditions, kindly acquire a medical certificate from your doctor.
  • There will be surcharges on Sundays and Public Holidays. Sunday: Single treatment bookings $10/person(Except for single Sauna and Float session), Package bookings $15/person. Public Holidays: 10% of the full cost/person. This also applies to gift vouchers and discounted membership rates for bookings made on these days.
  • Our automatic confirmation or reminder does not contain your guest’s information. Please let us know your guest’s contact details if you’d like them to receive reminders directly.
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