Standard $160
Shiatsu/Deep tissue/Seitai/Hot stone/Pregnancy massage upgrade $170

Inclusions: 60min Float session,  Allow extra 15-30min for shower time and drink break, 60 min Relaxation Massage or your preferred massage style.

For the ultimate Floatation experience, combine a healing massage with your float in our Float Away Package!

Whether you are a regular floater or a first-timer taking a massage with your float amplifies the excellent natural health benefits of your float tank time!
Your 60 min float will relax your mind and prepare your body for a reviving 60 min Relaxation massage (or massage style of your choice / *Except Remedial Massage. Please book as a single treatment if you’d like to claim health fund rebates.) that will then dissolve any tension left in your body.

You will be literally floating out the door glowing in your new calm stress-free state!

You can upgrade your package to include a deluxe Hot Stone Massage, Shiatsu, Seitai, Deep tissue, Pregnancy massage for an extra $10. Our newest addition ‘Infrared Sauna’, is an excellent addition to this package for total bliss and relaxation!

Please note:
∙ You will need to have a shower before and after the float session. Please arrive 15min prior to the booking time if it’s your first floatation. We may need to shorten your tea break or treatment duration if the booking was delayed.
∙ If you are pregnant and passed 2nd trimester, please book with Pregnancy Massage upgrade option. Please note that we cannot offer any treatments for under 13 weeks of pregnancy. You will forfeit your booking if you inform us on your arrival and the full cost of your booking will be charged as a penalty.
∙ Please check Floatation contradictions here before you book.

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- About Floatation / Sensory deprivation tank -

Tips for float:

We usually recommend having a naked session to cut off all the senses. Also, we may recommend minimizing the caffeine intake before the session to have the better floatation experience. However, we do recommend you to stay hydrated before the float. You may experience nausea if you are dehydrated.

When is not the right time to float:
• After just shaving or waxing
If you have lathered yourself in perfume/aftershave.
•If you are severely sun burnt
If you have eaten a large meal or nothing at all (you will be distracted by the sounds of your gargling stomach).
•If you have dyed your hair with a water based dye.
•If you are intoxicated by alcohol or drugs.
•If you are pregnant and you have not received permission from your health care practitioner.
•If you are suffering from an unstable mental health condition, such as psychosis or have suicidal tendencies.
•If you have kept your contact lenses in.
If you are an epileptic where seizures could endanger your safety in the float tank.
•If you have extremely low blood pressure.
•If you have a severe skin condition (eczema) or a contagious disease or infectious skin condition and have open/infected wounds.
•If it has been less than two weeks since you experienced gastroenteritis/diarrhoea.
Those with asthma, a heart condition, diabetes should seek advise from their health care provider before coming in
•If you have had chemotherapy (you will need to wait 2 months).

- Online Booking FAQ -

Click ‘Book Online’ button on this page and select your preferred service/duration from the list then click ‘Book Now’. A cart window will show up, and there is a section to ‘Add more people’. Please click and select a preferred number of people. If you’d like to book two or more people for different treatments, book separately under each person’s name and make a deposit separately. Please leave a comment to tell us you are coming together or prefer to have a same room session.


  • Feel free to reach out to us via email or phone to provide us with your gift voucher code, along with your preferred date, time, the number of individuals in your group, and the specific service you desire. This information will enable us to make all necessary arrangements for your booking. On the other hand, if you’re comfortable making a temporary deposit via online booking system, kindly leave a comment in the note area during the online booking process. This should include your voucher code. Subsequently, as soon as we confirm your online booking, we’ll initiate the deposit refund process promptly.



  • For bookings made outside of our reception hours (6 PM Monday to Saturday, 4 PM Sunday), the remaining balance payment will be conveniently charged to your card on the day of your booking. Please ensure that your card has adequate funds to cover this payment. In cases where no card was utilized during the booking process (such as bookings valued under $150 made via phone), our receptionist will contact you on the day of your reservation to facilitate the pre-payment process.


  • Please arrive 15min prior to your booking time. We will need to shorten your session duration if you are late.
  • Sensu Spa entrance is located at the back of 570 Bourke street building. You will find our entrance on the ground floor level of Little Bourke street. Alternatively, please search ‘Sensu Spa’ on Google Map.
  • We have a cancellation/rescheduling notice policy (24-hour for one or two people, and a 72-hour for groups/three or more people). Please call (if you cannot reach us, please send us email) for any changes before these timeframes to avoid a penalty/full cost of your booking.
  • If you are pregnant and under 13 weeks, we won’t be able to perform any treatments. You will forfeit your booking if informing on arrival.
  • There will be surcharges on Sundays and Public Holidays. Sunday: Single treatment bookings $10/person(Except for single Sauna and Float session), Package bookings $15/person. Public Holidays: 10% of the full cost/person. This also applies to gift vouchers and discounted membership rates for bookings made on these days.
  • Our automatic confirmation or reminder does not contain your guest’s information. Please let us know your guest’s contact details if you’d like them to receive reminders directly.
  • Please check our FAQ (https://www.sensuspa.com.au/faq/) Terms & Conditions (https://www.sensuspa.com.au/terms-conditions/) Privacy policy (https://www.sensuspa.com.au/privacy-policy/)