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Inclusions: 60min Floatation, 15min Shower/Drink break, 75min Premium Babor Facial

Find your Inner Peace and define your outer glow with this decadent healing package.

Upholding this Japanese philosophy is easy when you unwind with a Float session (60min), enjoy a tea break (15min) and then indulge in a Premium Babor Facial (75min) customised for your skin condition.

Floating in our dream pods will both release stress and tension and take you on a deep relaxation journey. The Epsom salts not only remove gravity during your float. It also assists in calming your nervous system, helping you sleep, and they even beautifully soften your skin. It is from here that your Sensu Spa beauty skin specialist takes over! During your 15minute break of tea, our therapist will analyse your skin for the next treatment, 75minutes of Premium Facial. Your therapist will customise a facial ampoule with luxurious European brand Babor’s precision skincare products.

This package will leave you calm, peaceful and with your outer glow restored!

Please note: You will need to have a shower before and after the float session. Please arrive 20min prior to the booking time if it’s your first floatation. We may need to shorten your tea break or treatment duration if the booking was delayed.

Please arrive 10-15 before your package booking to get started on time. Package bookings are final on the booking day. We cannot reschedule your booking at short notice.