From $190 / Collagen Biomatix Fleece Upgrade $225

The first in our range of non surgical cosmeceutical facials at Sensu Spa. Experience the high performance of DOCTOR BABOR cosmeceutical chemical peel facials at Sensu Spa! Remove your layers of dead skin and rejuvenate your complexion with instant results, or take as a series of 5 treatments for long lasting results.

Great for skin brightening, this highly concentrated AHA peeling treatment is a perfect Synergy of intense exfoliation with fruit acids and effective protection through antioxidants. designed for all skin in need of regeneration. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that is used to crate a brighter, smoother, more youthful complexion.
With a highly active concentrate of 20% vitamin C, this treatment will help support the skin’s natural collagen production and protects against harmful rays of the sun, and help reverse the signs of aging by firming the skin and reducing wrinkles.

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BABOR Collagen Biomatix Fleece ($35)
Add this special moisturising Collagen fleece to you’re BABOR spa facial and receive 99% Collagen + 1% Hyaluronic acid with a calming and smoothing effect, reducing signs of ageing.* Choosing this upgrade will add an extra 15min to your treatment time and we will also perform a luxurious Babor premium oil hand and arm massage whilst your collagen fleece is on.
Skin-renewing fruit acid peeling mask of 10% – 30% glycolic acid. This treatment also increases the skin’s ability to bind moisture and optimises the skin structure, leaving it look finer and more even.

Collagen Biomatix Fleece will help following concerns:
• Blemished skin, acne
• Enlarged pores
• Pigment marks, disorders and irregularities
• Fine lines and wrinkles
• Dull complexion lacking radiance

Please not that we do not focus on blackheads extractions on our facials.

(We cannot perform any treatments if you are in the 1st trimester. If you are pregnant and passed 2nd trimester, we can perform Pregnancy Massage. )

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